In researching our next topic, I found an interesting article on Florida’s recent dispute on science standards. Liam Julian of the Thomas Fordham Foundation writes in The St. Petersburg Times:

“Lost in all this was the difference between faith and science. Each can illumine the human experience, and they interact best when separated and respected. Neither side in Florida’s evolution disagreement realized this, and it’s therefore likely that the evolution controversy will continue…

Why try to pass off intelligent design as science, anyway? A better idea is to simply allow intelligent design and its ilk to remain philosophical ideas and allow evolution to remain a scientific one. 

This works both ways. Those who support Florida’s revised science standards should be careful to keep evolution in its realm – the scientific – and not heap upon it purposes for which it is unsuited. 

Richard Dawkins, Oxford scientist and author of The God Delusion, makes the mistake of using evolution as a weapon against faith. He has written that, because of Darwin, religion “is now completely superseded by science.” 

His claim would shock many, including Pope Benedict XVI, who has said that “there is much scientific proof in the theory of evolution” but who also warns against converting evolution into “a universal theory concerning all reality.” Pope John Paul II also believed that science and faith do best when they seek together to understand each other’s competencies and limitations.”