John Hodgman, author of “More Information Than You Require”, otherwise known to us as the “PC” from the “Mac/PC” ads and as a fake-news-commentator on “The Daily Show,” speaking Village Square-ese:

“Well the first place you look for fake expertise is in your own brain. All the half-truths and received wisdom that has sort of gotten in there through people telling you things that aren’t true and things you learned in school, like legends like George Washington chopping down the cherry tree. That was the beginning of fake expertise in this country. It was a complete fabrication by partisan means. It’s fake biograpy which is now part of the American biography now. So you start off by saying “what do I think I know” and you say it with a very straight face. And when you run out of fake stuff in your own head, that’s when you turn to the internet of course.”