“The bottom line is that Florida has to take this time to make comprehensive changes, not Band-Aids and not the federal stimulus, which is going… to have a lot of strings. It’s not going to be free money from heaven.” –Dr. Carol Weissert, Director FSU’s LeRoy Collins Institute

“I think it’s critical that we don’t allow the stimulus package to become a means of avoiding the problem that we have in this state… We need to address our revenue problems and if we do that we can make that stimulus package more beneficial and actually make it a true stimulus package, and not one that’s going to serve as a Band-Aid to fix our revenue shortfalls. The money is necessary, but I’m not going to let that get my eye off the ball in fixing our revenue problems.” –State Senator Thad Altman (R- Melbourne)

“You have to be very careful not to use economic stimulus money to balance the budget as it’s not going to be there in a couple years. It’s good for an emergency, but you have to be very careful that you don’t add back things you’ve cut or start new programs you can’t sustain in the future.” — Kurt Wenner, Florida TaxWatch

“I’m concerned that we may be overstating what we’ll get. There are a lot of matching [funds], hold harmless, and some states aren’t going to use some of the money because they’re afraid they’ll have something they will need to keep funding. I study federalism, and giving money to the states without strings is very rare. My guess is we’ll get some of that but we’re going to see a lot of strings.” –Dr. Carol Weissert, Director FSU’s LeRoy Collins Institute