There’s some wisdom (and yes, some bad language) in this commentary delivered by Bill Maher last night:

Stop believing you can solve your problems by electing a superhero… Here in California, we experimented with making an action hero our leader. He was going to build roads and schools, cut taxes and balance the budget. How? Simple because he was a hulking man monster who could bend lampposts… Is it Arnold Schwarzenegger’s fault that California now has a worse credit rating than Louisiana, a state that’s half underwater and half in the bag? Not really. This is a man who came to America with nothing but a jar of protient powder and a nice jar of 36D’s and became a Hollywood action star despite never learning how to speak English.

No one can govern this state because it’s illegal to do it. We govern by ballot initiative and we only write two kinds of those: Spend money on things I like and don’t raise my taxes. We vote “yes” on gain, “no” on pain. This is why America’s founders wanted a representative democracy, because they knew if you gave the average guy a change, he’d vote for a fantasyland with no taxes, free beer and [rated R].

And California used to be like the rest of America, following the instructions in the constitution and everything. But then we chucked that and now our state is governed by special interest people standing in front of the supermarket with clipboards asking “will you sign this petition to make earthquakes illegal?” They’re really starting to bother me. And Proposition 14C which mandates 2 weeks paid leave for hangovers. And universal teeth whitening paid for by farts. So California, which I’m sad to tell you is usually ahead of the rest of America, will probably go bankrupt. We’ll probably be closing the schools, but you’ll want to keep your kids at home anyway because we’ll also be closing the prisons and letting all the rapists out.

Truth is, Even a real superhero couldn’t get us out the mess we’re in now. Superman could stop bullets and crush coal to make diamonds between the cheeks of his ass, but he can’t help us. He works for a newspaper, he needs a job. Batman can’t help us because he can’t get parts for his big stupid American car. And Wonder Woman can’t help us because, well, we don’t allow gays in uniform.