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This Rachel Maddow interview with Newark New Jersey’s Mayor Cory Booker struck me as an interesting (and inspirational) philosophical mix of a liberal sensibility of the role of government and what it can do to help solve problems firmly inside of a fundamentally conservative philosophy about personal responsibility. In Newark they just achieved their first month in the city without a murder since 1966. In case you can’t watch the whole clip, here’s a quote:

You have a choice to make in life, every morning of your life. You have a choice to take things as they are or take responsibility for changing them. If you’re not willing to take responsibility for changing government, for changing education, for changing crime, then you’re one of the people who deserves the results we have. But if you’re one of those people like the great Americans who literally bled this soil red for us, who put sacrifices for workers’ rights, for womens’ rights, for civil rights; if you’re willing to continue, not just be a person who drinks deeply from wells of freedom that you didn’t dig but prove worthy of that by getting involved, then you can change this country. It is so possible.

We celebrate those individual heroes of hope in our city that are doing that every single day. We haven’t changed Newark because of a mayor, we’ve changed Newark because of a lot of people coming together to do things that people don’t normally do and that’s why we’re getting the results that people don’t normally get.

(Anyone know who is running against Booker for re-election? Couldn’t immediately find it.)