A footnote: I love this video but they join the “War on Context” with the snarky “try cracking a history book” at the end as – while they are exactly correct that foul things have been said in the name of campaigning through history, they get a Village Square rap on the knuckles for doing some major cherry picking.
First of all, we should note that the Jefferson and Adams campaign was ultimately the first election in human history with a peaceful transition of power from one party/group of people to another… let’s just say given the unique feat they were undertaking, it’s not that hard to imagine that tensions ran high. The standard way to handle it up until then was with bayonettes.  
Secondly, they attribute some quotes by editorial supporters of the two candidates to the candidate. They’re engaging in our style of politics in trying to tar our Founders with some words uttered by others on their behalf. The putrid ads we posted at Purple State of Mind yesterday (link posted just under this one) were thoroughly thought through by teams of people and given the stamp of approval by the candidate him or herself as a part of a strategy. Apples and oranges.
Finally, this was a legendary feud (not business as usual, as it is now) that resulted in these two men becoming estranged for close to the rest of their lives, until they began writing to each other as elderly men, in one of the most profound legacies of our founding (page down) that I personally suggest we should work harder to emulate than the foul words that were thrown around during the campaign. I suspect were Adams and Jefferson here to advise, they’d agree.
If what Reason is doing is advocating that this is just dandy for democracy, thumbs down. If they want to entertain us, thumbs wwwaaaayyyy up. (Thanks to Florence for the heads up.)