Larry King interviewed George H.W. and Barbara Bush last night – an interview I’d highly recommend you catch if you can see it in its entirety (I think they replay over the weekend). Most Americans will hear the sound byte of Mrs. Bush zinging Sarah Palin that managed to make our daily media do-loop, but here’s what we thought was the relevant news:

President George H.W. Bush: “I have a very good personal relationship with [Bill Clinton].

Larry King: (to Barbara Bush) “What do you think of his relationship with Bill?”

Barbara Bush: “You can’t dislike Bill Clinton. He’s so likable. And he was so good to George. George told me over and over again he would let George have the bed. He’s just really nice. I have a feeling that Bill wishes he had a father like George.”

President George H.W. Bush: “We have a close friendly personal relationship. He’s been extraordinarily kind to me.”

Barbara Bush: “George W. says the same thing.”