NoLabels_July18Here’s an organization after our own heart, really doing something in the nation’s capital to change the thoroughly entrenched partisan divide: No Labels. If you haven’t checked them out, you probably should right now. Since their founding, No Labels has assembled a “Problem Solvers Caucus” of over 70 Republican and Democratic senators and representatives. Earlier today they rallied on the Mall in Washington. You can take a look at today’s goings on here. It’s awfully hard to squabble with their motto: “Stop Fighting. Start Fixing.” They’ve got a 12-point plan to fix Congress, advocating the principles of good governance that ought to be no-brainers but can’t be fixed without a solid citizen constituency to advocate for change (That’s you. Especially if you’ve been whining lately about how dysfunctional Washington is, see what you can do to help them.) You should also know they’ve got an 11-point plan to fix the presidency and a plan to make government work.

Big thumbs up, No Labels, from hometown America.

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