web-slideshow-living-roomFounder of MoveOn.org and Living Room Conversations Joan Blades shares how she arrived at her decision to step away from partisanship and work on bridging the divide. Her Living Room Conversations initiative partners with Tea Party Patriots co-founder Mark Meckler to support real conversations you can host in your very own living room. Joan writes:

As a founder of MoveOn.org I have seen partisan fight rage back and forth for better than 15 years. I don’t see that either side is decisively winning in the near term. In fact I’ve concluded that we are losing too much. We are losing treasured relationships. We are losing goodwill toward our fellow citizen. We are losing our recognition that we are one country — so many of us see red states and blue states rather than the United States.

Read Joan’s entire article online at Huffington Post. Living Room Conversations is now a Village Square partner – check out how we partner here.