info graphicHere’s a little preview of Part 2 of a smart piece written by the Director of our newest Salt Lake City Village Square Director, Jacob Hess (find Part 1 here):

So why would anyone be crazy enough to spend significant time with someone on the other side of the political fence? Why funny you should ask…

1. To Hear it from the Horse’s Mouth. While some people seem increasingly satisfied with a daily download about what-those-dumb-people-are-up-to-now, others are hungry for something more.

“When my like-minded friends all share the same talking points,” our colleague Debilyn Molineaux writes, “I start wondering if there isn’t more to the story…”

Is there? Well, there’s one sure-fire way to find out.

2. To (Really) Be Heard Yourself. In addition to deeply hearing out your political opposite, it’s also surprisingly refreshing to have someone do that for you too – especially one of ‘those people.’ This starts, ironically, by making a shared commitment to seeking to understand each other as the first priority.

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