Do you want to participate in The Village Square without the bother of organizing an official Village Square? A Village Circle is for you.

A Village Circle is an event organized by anyone who agrees to abide by the basic concept of The Village Square with a focus on factual and civil discussion with a good faith effort to honorably engage both sides of an issue. Have a strong opinion on the issue you’re taking a look at? No problem, just reach out to a person who you most (not least) respect who holds the opposing view.

You invite the guests, you choose your event, we give you a hand.

Some national Village Square events may soon be made available to Village Circles for a minimal fee, such as a video feed to a featured Dinner at the Square.

But for now, you are welcome to organize your own social event. Think of the possibilities…

    • A “Take-out Tuesday” discussion of a proposed local ordinance… bring your best arguments, a neighborly attitude and your favorite take-out
    • A community fact-finding meeting on the hot local debate that’s got tempers flaring and facts a dyin’ in the partisan wind. Munchies served as long as people promise not to throw it.
    • An across-the-aisle candidate debate party with take-out pizza (just think of the possibilities for drinking games)
    • A team of liberals vs. a team of conservatives “Bowling for President (or Senate)”
    • A party for liberals and conservatives aboard Air Force 1 as you jet to the Middle East to achieve world peace (you gotta have a dream, ya know)

Your imagination is the only limitation.

If your Village Circle has wisdom to offer following your event, you may submit a blog post for publication.

A Circle in a Box

To make planning for your event simple, we’ve got a “circle in a box” kit. The kit includes:

    • A do-it-yourself press-release to spread the word about your event
    • Use of our email newsletter to notify people.
    • Your very own high-resolution Village Circle logo for posters
    • Your very own event webpage on our website
    • Use of our blog ahead of the event to blog on both sides of the issue.
    • Wholesale priced Village Square goodies (bumper stickers, magnets) for purchase

The national Village Square will also soon make available a library of content on various topics of interest you may chose to use for your event. Local Village Squares and Village Circles may make content contributions to this library.

Need more info? Contact us at