Caricature-defying quotes: Rachel Maddow

“Giant incredible rocket ships have a way of rendering politics meaningless, just as close proximity to scientific glory is a really good cure for cynicism, world weariness or being jaded about what human beings can accomplish.” — Rachel Maddow

(One of our theories here at The Village Square is that if we actually knew each other beyond the cut and paste quotes that uber-partisans regularly feed us, we’d like each other a little more. So please help me keep an eye out for people who’ve been – well, uh… divided — by the gaping partisan divide doing something intensely, decently human that you can’t help but kind of like…)

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The Scene Last Night at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

halloween white house



Thanks to my conservative friend Lea for finding Duck!Rabbit! (we’ll leave it to your imagination as to how she found such a thing).

Co-author Tom Lichtenheld describes the first incarnation of DuckRabbit – before it was a children’s book – as the most memorable concept from his college career, first introduced by a professor in a lecture on Freud and Zen:

‘…the simultaneous presence of two seemingly contradictory realities in one space challenges our instinct for rational perception. to wit, the “duck rabbit.” ‘

The children they drew the DuckRabbit for thought it was really “coooool.” Perhaps adults might gain from enjoying rather than gnashing teeth about what Lea has dubbed (and I’m smart enough to jump onboard for) “the power of &.”

The DuckRabbit. Now officially the mascot of The Village Square.