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National Endowment for the Humanities Chair Jim Leach called us “unique in the country.” When syndicated columnist Kathleen Parker was asked by Tom Brokaw who the “modern John Wayne” of civil discourse is, she said The Village Square. Check out what other people are writing about what we’re doing HERE.

LibraryThe Village Square Library

Welcome to Village Square University, the seat of higher learning if you’re getting your degree in civil discourse. We’re bound and determined to accumulate a library full of resources for anyone wanting to understand the challenges and solutions we face. Enter the library (where you don’t even have to whisper) HERE.

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Flying Pigs: Civil Discourse Nationwide

Our Resource page is a high five to organizations nationally that we think are doing good work furthering constructive, factual, and civil discourse. Does that include you? Please drop us a line at Find our list HERE.